Unitarian Universalist

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester-90 Holden Drive

Alex De Tocqueville visited the United States in 1831 to examine the penal system, however he also said much about the religious diversity he found here.  Of the Unitarians he wrote: “To judge by the service I attended, one hears verses of Dryden or other English poets about God and the immortality of the soul, then a speech making some moral point. And that’s the end of it.”

July 31, 2011,  Worship 10am


  1. BRIGHT.  Clear windows that peak out toward the posh, private Bancroft School on one side and a food truck called “The DogFather” on the other.  Lots of bright light.
  2. COMFORTABLE.  We gather not in the sanctuary (summertime) but around comfy chairs in the adjacent lounge–great if you are an extrovert.
  3. AUTHENTIC.  There is an unpretentious honesty that permeates everything.  The volunteer speaker of the day (pastor is on sabbatical) can’t get the audio-visuals to work, and another leader reads every worship direction rather stiffly, yet their awkwardness is strangely comforting…to a point.
  4. SIMPLE.   As De Tocqueville observed, there was a reading and a message and that was the end of it.  Simple.  I imagine school-year worship is a tad more complex, but I think a religious service works fine as a simple hotdog of holiness–a dog and maybe one or two condiments.  Simple.  How many “club sandwiches” have I endured?


  1. ALIENATED.  They say UU’s take the summer “off”.  There were only six cars in the lot  and ten people in that seated circle.  The small circle might have been bearable if these people who obviously knew each other tried to include me in their conversations.  They didn’t, and I felt like a vegan in a steakhouse.
  2. My first look at the interior.TACKY.  The entrance to the service area was cluttered with all kinds of yard sale-looking remnants.  The lounge also looked like a flea market.  I was grateful that a candle on the coffee-table would be lit to start the service and draw attention away from the clutter, but that snapped BBQ lighter seemed to infect even the candle with tackiness.
  3. AWKWARD MESSAGE.   The volunteer speaker offered a fairly tedious overview of the 12-Step program.  Though I admired his courage at overcoming obvious stage-fright, I kept thinking there are probably a hundred better discussions of the 12-steps online.  I felt trapped in a kiddie pool but I brought goggles for the lap pool.
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