Christian Community Church: Seeking Peace in Worcester? Not.

Posted on December 6, 2011


I was in the wrong place at the right time.  Javier Santiago, a 20-year-old Worcester native, was tracked to the bus stop in front of City Hall by rival gang members and shot dead at 2pm.  I walked by that same bus stop at 1:30.

I visit area churches in order to learn best practices for my own future ministry and I write reviews hoping I can help churches claim both what they do really well and what they do not.  I post those reviews on my blog.  After the shooting last week I read about a local pastor who visited the family of the victim even though Mr. Santiago never attended the pastor’s church.  When I found the church’s Facebook page (there is no website) I read that the church “Seeks the peace of our neighborhood.”  Brilliant!  The church is located on Beacon Street.  Brilliant–literally!  I decided to visit Christian Community Church meeting about two miles down Main Street from the site of the murder.  The church worships in one of only three brick buildings, among a dozen, which is not boarded-up and tagged with graffiti.

I visited the church seeking peace in my neighborhood.  If a murder had taken place on your church’s street and you had been there at the hospital watching life ebb away from another young man over a senseless turf war, what would you pray for in church that Sunday?  What might you say to the congregation?  You might be surprised at how the pastor of Christian Community Church responded.

Read the review HERE.

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