Visiting the Open Table of Christ UMC in Providence

Posted on September 26, 2011


First Baptist Church of Worcester

When I am not participating in my partner’s church in Worcester, MA, I am visiting other Protestant churches around New England.  After each visit I write a review.  It feels a little sneaky to sit there and evaluate something like that and then drop a slip in their offering plate telling them they’ve been reviewed.  But I think churches need this kind of perspective.  I was teenager in the eighties when girls dramatically fluffed their bangs into lion-like manes with little awareness of what they looked like from the rear.  Some friend should have been honest with them about that!  So I do this for churches as an honest friend.

By doing these reviews I also see more clearly the big hair I have sporting all of these years!   Of course I also learn new styles and techniques.

My son and I visited the Open Table of Christ United Methodist Church in Providence, RI this weekend.   Check out my most recent review HERE.

We sang this Holly Near song in worship Sunday.  Holly will be in concert at this same church this coming Friday at 7PM.

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