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Visiting the Open Table of Christ UMC in Providence

September 26, 2011


When I am not participating in my partner’s church in Worcester, MA, I am visiting other Protestant churches around New England.  After each visit I write a review.  It feels a little sneaky to sit there and evaluate something like that and then drop a slip in their offering plate telling them they’ve been reviewed.  […]

Gay Pride and Protestant Prejudice

September 19, 2011


Today I’m sharing a video of a song I wrote in 1995.  The song was a response to the church trial of Reverend Greg Dell who officiated a “gay marriage” or holy union service.  It seemed funny to me that the church would attempt to define marriage narrowly as one man and one woman when […]

Casinos Fart Rainbows

September 15, 2011


The Gambling Industry is a Leprechaun and yesterday Massachusetts House of Representatives agreed to chase the pot of gold.   The House has paved the way for three regional gambling parlors like Mohegan Sun in nearby Connecticut and at least one slot-machine parlor to operate in Massachusetts.  Although our governor vetoed the chase for the pot […]

Learning Fractions at Forty

September 12, 2011


I am a forty-one-year-old man with undergraduate and post-graduate degrees and yet I cannot subtract or divide fractions.  Never could.  A standardized test from my fourth grade revealed higher than average aptitude for reading and language arts (though I tested poorly in punctuation–two correct, five incorrect), but lower-than-average math computational skills.  In every standardized test […]